Victim Surveys by Ruth Wilkins

A victim survey is literally that: a survey of victims of crime. The aim of a crime survey is to gauge how much crime and what types of crime are happening in an area.




An advantage of a victim survey is that the researcher is far more likely to get an accurate picture of crime than just asking people if they have committed a crime: no one is going to want to own up to stealing a bus.


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Another advantage is that victim surveys can help authorities identify areas in which crime is high and they can therefore deal with those crimes.

A disadvantage of victim surveys are that the survey can bring up unpleasant memories for some people and therefore ethics are an issue that have to be considered.

In addition, the participants may lie about what crime they have experienced because of evaluation anxiety and social desirability. Most guys are not going to admit to being beaten up by a girl.





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  1. Really nice use of GIFS! Good advantages and disadvantages, these are explained clearly. You could add how they are carried out and what they are then used for? You could also explain the difference between the predicted crime rates and then the crime rates found through Victim Surveys. But overall, really good 🙂 xoxo

  2. This has very good information on what a victim survey is and the purpose of having victim surveys, good examples are used, it could be improved by adding more advantages and disadvantages of victim surveys and compare results of official statistics and results gained from a victim survey to show the differnce between them. :).

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