What is a victim survey? – Abby Beare


A victim survey questions the public on what crimes have been committed against them, their experience of crime, and whether these crimes have been reported to the police. These surveys collect quantitative, primary data, and can be on a large scale, and can be carried out either locally or nationally.  The survey records the number of crimes which have been reported, and which haven’t, it also shows differences and similarities between time periods and regions. Examples of Victim surveys include:

In 2004/05 the number of robbery offences in England and Wales, for people aged 16 and over was around 255,000.


Strengths for victim surveys include:

  • Collects qualitative data – this gives in depth answers
  • The questionnaire can be completed anonymously
  • It is practical and easy to carry out
  • It displays all crime that has occurred, not just the crimes that have been reported.

However, the weaknesses include:

  • Respondents may not…

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