Finished Victim Survey

After learning about a victim survey I went out and conducted one myself. I started by thinking and creating the victim survey and tried to make sure that i applied to the type of survey that I was doing. For example the question on my crime survey were only on crime related subjects. I used a questionnaire type format to ask people the questions needed. This is what it looked like:

Questionnaire Page 1          Questionnaire Page 2

After I conducted the victim survey I wrote the results up and these were the results which I gathered:

Crimes Over the Past Year   Percentage of Crimes within the Area

Types of  Crime

  The Strengths:

With the Victim Survey which I did, the strength were that it was very precise and asked questions about specific types of crime it also showed what types of crime that people are willing to committed in the area. Another strength was that the victim survey allowed victims to answer questions which they felt comfortable answering.


The Weaknesses:

There were also some weaknesses within the victim survey that I carried out. These weaknesses were that the victim survey questionnaire, which I typed up only focused on certain areas of crime, if not, one crime type, this would mean that the victims would probably answer the question with no, because a majority of people who answered the question would have not done that type of crime. Another weakness of this type of survey is that the victims might be unwilling to answer the questions.


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