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Finished Victim Survey

After learning about a victim survey I went out and conducted one myself. I started by thinking and creating the victim survey and tried to make sure that i applied to the type of survey that I was doing. For example the question on my crime survey were only on crime related subjects. I used a questionnaire type format to ask people the questions needed. This is what it looked like:

Questionnaire Page 1          Questionnaire Page 2

After I conducted the victim survey I wrote the results up and these were the results which I gathered:

Crimes Over the Past Year   Percentage of Crimes within the Area

Types of  Crime

  The Strengths:

With the Victim Survey which I did, the strength were that it was very precise and asked questions about specific types of crime it also showed what types of crime that people are willing to committed in the area. Another strength was that the victim survey allowed victims to answer questions which they felt comfortable answering.


The Weaknesses:

There were also some weaknesses within the victim survey that I carried out. These weaknesses were that the victim survey questionnaire, which I typed up only focused on certain areas of crime, if not, one crime type, this would mean that the victims would probably answer the question with no, because a majority of people who answered the question would have not done that type of crime. Another weakness of this type of survey is that the victims might be unwilling to answer the questions.


Victim Surveys

Victim Surveys

The most common victim survey was done by the British Crime Survey (BCS), which was carried out by the home office. In 1996, the BCS conducted a large victim survey which, involved over 16’000 victims.
The aim of the survey was to find out how many crimes people commit within the last year.
A victim survey is when a sample of people get asked whether they have ever committed a crime or crimes, and also what type of crimes they have committed.
The most well-known victim survey in Britain is the yearly British Crime Survey. This survey shows that crimes which are recorded by the police are twice as low as the crimes which are recorded by the BCS. This also helps to identify who are most at risk from these types of crimes.
A victim survey usually involves people who are or have been victims of crime. This type of survey helps to estimate the amount of crime which is committed in a community or a society.
The strengths of a victim survey is it allows local authorities to have an estimate of how many crimes are committed each year, as well as allow local authorities to be able to focus on the main type of crime which is committed the most and also it allows the emergency service to get fully equipped for the most common crime. They also provide information, which may not have been recorded by the local authorities. Victim surveys also provide an insight into criminal behaviour within society. The participates of a victim survey are allowed to be anonymous to whatever they write, they are also allowed to not answer any question that may make them feel uncomfortable.
The weaknesses of a victim survey is that it does not give the full picture or image of the amount of crimes committed, it also only gives an estimate, which is a guess on how much crime is committed. It also puts too much faith in the victims, because some victims may not admit to being involved or a victim of crime. Another weakness is that people may not think or remember that they are victims of crimes, thus not giving the full information. The victims of a victim survey may also feel embarrassed about admitting to crime they have been involved or being a victim of crime, for example abusive crimes.