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Victim Survey

A victim survey is a study that had been completed by sample of people that were victims of a crime that have been committed against them. This type of surveys seeks to create a figure of how many people had been victimised and how many had actually reported their victimisation. Most of the surveys discovered high amount of unreported crimes. Crimes surveys provide assessments of the degree of the crimes that had been done by official statistics. Furthermore, these surveys also give a chance to the victims to say what they think about the justice system and they give better understandings of the victim`s experiences. Also, these types of surveys are open to the public so the members of the public can see what the crime rate in their area is.
However, the information that it`s given its not reliable as it cannot get the same results if you do it again. The first interview ever done was by face to face but nowadays the interviews are done over the phone so other members of the family or someone who is present there might hear something that the victim might not like them to know. Also, there is no interview protocol that would guarantee privacy. The participants may be asked to reveal information (rape) that they could be sensitive to and might not want to talk about in so many details. This type of survey it`s also very expensive as it needs a big sample which means that lots of research and resources will be used. 1