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The British Crime Survey – Abi Harvey


The below link will take you to a short animated video about the British Crime Survey:


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Victim Crime Surveys- Abi Harvey


I made a victim survey and gave it to 5 students at Richard Taunton college to find out the rate crime they have experienced. I gave it to both genders which helps me get a more accurate representation.

This is the layout of my survey:


By having the opening section to confirm the anonymity of the results it allows the participants to be more truthful with their answers as they will not feel as though the answers are a representation of themselves.

The results are as follows:


The results show that the level of overall crime is low, especially more serious crimes such as injury through the use of a weapon. However it does show that there are some minor crimes that appear to be more frequent than not. This being said it would only be possible to truly identify the level of crime witnessed by giving the survey to…

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Victim Surveys- Abi Harvey

Victim Surveys- Abi Harvey



A victim survey uses a sample group to ask if there are any crimes that have been committed against them over a fixed period of time. It is also asked if they have or haven’t reported them to the police. These surveys tend to show that the level of criminal activity is at least double than what it appears to be in the official crime statistics.

There are usually two types of these surveys, national and area/neighbourhood studies. National surveys are given to the whole county in which information on crimes against people is provided. Area/ neighbourhood surveys are used to target a specific neighbourhood; this is used to receive a more detailed study of the same issues.

A criticism of victim surveys is that there is no way of verifying information given by respondents as the information is anonymous . However there is a strong advantage as the participants…

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