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Victim Crime Surveys


Victim Crime Survey by Anna N.


This is an example of a crime survey, which shows the crimes that people have experienced. This crime survey shows that the crime which people experienced at the most is watching someone using or dealing drugs and the crime which people experienced at the least is sexually related crime.

Victim Surveys by Anna N.


Victim Surveys:
Victim Surveys are surveys which ask people which crimes they have been a victim of, and whether they have reported these crimes to the police. Victim Surveys can be done either on a national scale or on a local scale. An example of a Victim Survey is the British Crime Survey.


Strengths of Victim Surveys:
A strength of Victim Survey can be that it gather rich, qualitative data because it allows the respondent to use their own words.
Another Strength can be that it is anonymous therefore people are more likely to answer questions regarding sensitive topics and are more likely top be honest – increases validity.
Another strength can be that on a small scale they can be pretty cheap to carry out.


Weaknesses of Victim Surveys:
A weakness of Victim Surveys can be that they gather qualitative data which is hard to analyse.
Another weakness is that people can lie and there is no way of verifying their answers.
Another weakness can also be that they have a low response rate.
Another weakness can also be that their responses can be effected by a person standing over their shoulder when they are filling our their questionnaire, or someone listening to their over-the-phone interview.
A weakness is also that on a large scale they are expensive to carry out.