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My victim survey


ImageI carried out a victim survey and collected data from a sample of 5 participants. These participants all attend Richard Taunton Sixth Form College. Participants were asked their age, ethnicity group, gender and what area they lived in. This was to see if any of these variables had an effect on the results. They were also asked how often they think crime is committed in their area. Participants were then asked if they have been a victim of assault, have been attacked, sexual assaulted or been robbed in public. They were also asked to state if they have been a victim of any ‘other’ crime which was not on the survey. Finally the participants were asked if they have been a victim of crime did they report it to the police. 

The results showed that only one participant was a victim of a crime and this was an assault and…

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Victim Survey – Channel Robinson


ImageVictim surveys are questionnaires which are given to a sample of individuals. The surveys collect information from different people on crimes and gathers characteristics of the individuals themselves. Questions about the victims only go to an extent which the victim can report them such as if weapons were used, type of crime and injuries to the victim.

There are a lot of strengths and limitations of victim surveys which have been explored. The national crime victimization survey does not gather data on children younger than 12 which excludes an important group of victims. The survey usually collects qualitative data which is hard to analyse. Another weakness is that participants may feel the need to lie, some victims may not want to write down what really happened to them due to embarrassment or other reasons so they just simply lie. Statistically there is a low response rate from victim surveys which…

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