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Victim Survey – Kirsty Parsons


A victim survey is a series of questions to which ask the public about crimes that have been committed against them over a period of time. These are not only crimes which have been reported to the police but crimes which have been kept from the police to. Questions from minor crimes to serious crimes, some people may not have reported their crimes to the police as they didn’t think it was that serious and therefore no need to inform the police, maybe they reported it to the police but no further action was taken as the police felt it was not major enough to take further action, or maybe they didn’t even realise it was a crime when it happened. When researchers make their survey they mainly aim it for participants over the age of 16 as if they allowed participants under that age they would have to gain consent from parents before they take part which is then causing the survey to go on for a longer period of time than is necessary. Researchers must be aware that when participants fill in the surveys that if the crimes are serious and was never reported to the police then they most likely will not mention it on the survey, as they may be scared of the consequences. Researchers can make their surveys anonymous so that the participants feel more comfortable giving the answers out, however this may not stop the participants from lying. Qualitative data will be collected from this survey as many of the responses will go into detail causing high validity, however this kind of data can be very hard to analyse.