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Katie Preston

Victim Surveys – Katie Preston


In the past only police and criminal justice data were used to measure crime, however we now realize that this information alone is not sufficient and should be used alongside victim surveys results to get a more accurate picture.

The British Crime Survey uses a self-report method and collects information about experience of victimization. It allows us to look at risk factors associated with victimization. It also includes questions on experience of personal victimization. The surveys are large scale and done across many different countries. For example, The International Crime Victim Survey used more than 150 surveys and was done in over 80 different countries.

– Uses standardized procedures so is easily comparable
– Face-to-face surveys are mainly conducted in the capital cities in participating countries so increases comparability
– Provides rich qualitative data
– Cheap and easy to carry out
– Participants can remain anonymous so are more like to…

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