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What is a Victim Study?

A victim study is a survey which is used to find out about crimes and victims of crime. An example of a victim study is the British crime survey, this is a national survey that is used to find out about victims of crime in the country, they find out about reported crimes and crimes that have gone unreported to the police.
There are 2 different types of victim studies. The first type is a national survey, for example this is the British crime survey, and these are given to everyone in the country to complete. The other type of victim study is an area or neighbour surveys and these are much smaller surveys and they are more specific to a certain area.
The strength of using victim study’s to find statistics of crime are that it uses a large sample of people so it is easier to generalise the data. Another advantage of using this method to collect research is that it is quite practical. This is because it is quite an inexpensive and quick way to collect a lot of research all in one go. Strength is that it is ethical because the survey is anonymous and this could allow the participant to feel like they can answer honestly.
A weakness of using victim studies is that they are not always reliable as people may not answer all of the questions honestly.
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